EMPoWER Advisory network

The EMPoWER advisory network includes expertise in early powered mobility, childhood disability, and NHS policy and service delivery. We are very grateful to have support from a wide range of organisations and individuals both in the UK and internationally.

Colleagues from across the advisory network are helping the EMPoWER project team to identify research and evidence about early powered mobility for all children, and are sharing their knowledge about the costs and benefits of powered mobility for children aged under 5 years.

Project Advisory Network

The EMPoWER advisory network currently includes three parents of children and young people (aged 2 years and 17 years) who use powered mobility (UK). Our parent advisors have lived expertise in the costs and benefits of powered mobility, and in the context of complex and/or changing physical disabilities. We plan to post a special edition blog with our parent advisors later in the project.

Amanda Allard, Assistant Director for Health at the Council for Disabled Children (UK). Amanda has expertise in working across sectors, from policy into practice, to ensure the best child health outcomes for children and young people.

Rae Baines, Senior Children’s Occupational Therapist at Designability (UK). Rae has clinical expertise in implementing powered mobility with young children aged under 5 years.

Dr Johan Borg, Postdoctoral Fellow at Lund University (Sweden). Johan has expertise in equitable provision and outcomes of assistive technology, and the socioeconomic impacts of disability.

Catharine Brown, Chief Executive of Designability. Catharine is the Chief Executive of Designability, a charity which aims to transform the lives of disabled people through assistive technologies. Designability designed and manufacture the Wizzybug powered mobility aid for very young children.

Dr Sarah Crombie, Professional Lead Physiotherapist at Sussex Community NHS Trust (UK). Sarah has expertise in physiotherapy clinical and professional perspectives on powered mobility.

Lambert Felix, Systematic Reviewer and Physiotherapist at University of Oxford (UK). Lambert has research and clinical experience of physiotherapy for long-term conditions, rehabilitation medicine, public health, and systematic reviews.

Professor James C. (Cole) Galloway, Director of the Paediatric Mobility Lab and Design Studio at University of Delaware (US). Cole is an internationally leading researcher and physiotherapist in early powered mobility, and founder of the ‘Go Baby Go’ early powered mobility programme, operating in 70 locations worldwide.

Dr Jenny Gibson, Lecturer in Psychology and Education, and a Speech and Language Therapist, at University of Cambridge (UK). Jenny has expertise in early years development in the context of childhood disability.

Simon Halsley, Director of TinyTrax. Simon has technical and strategic experience of designing and implementing early powered mobility across the UK.

Professor Nigel Harris, Director of Innovation and Growth, West of England AHSN. Nigel has expertise in designing and implementing early powered mobility across the UK.

Susan Hillman, Head of Rehabilitation Engineering and Aids for Living at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UK), a Clinical Scientist, and Trustee of the Posture and Mobility Group. Susan has clinical and managerial experience of implementing powered mobility in the NHS.

Claire Holdcroft, Outreach Worker with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Support UK. Claire has clinical expertise as an Occupational Therapist, and over ten years of experience working with people with spinal muscular atrophy.

Amanda Hopkin, Case Manager for Social Return (UK). Amanda has expertise in occupational therapy clinical and professional perspectives on powered mobility.

Maria Kemeys, Business Development Officer at the Cerebra Innovation Centre (UK). Maria is experienced in co-ordinating and supporting the production of bespoke equipment for children with mobility limitations.

Roslyn Livingstone, Occupational Therapist and Clinical Instructor at University of British Colombia (Canada). Roslyn is a leading international researcher in early powered mobility.

Dr Sam Logan, Assistant Professor at Oregon State University (US). Sam has clinical and technical expertise in developing and implementing low-tech early powered mobility for children aged 1-3 years.

Dr Jane Mischenko, Lead Commissioner for Children and Maternity Services at NHS Leeds South and East Clinical Commissioning Group (UK). Jane has expertise in NHS commissioning for children in early years, including those with mobility limitations.

Dr Chris Morris, Senior Research Fellow in Child Health at University of Exeter (UK). Chris has expertise in broad health outcomes in childhood disability, and patient reported outcomes.

The NHS Wheelchair Managers Forum (UK) represents wheelchair services nationally, sets standards and develops national guidelines for service delivery, and facilitates communication and discussion about a wide range of practice and research topics.

The National Network of Parent Carer Forums is a network of over 150 Parent Carer Forums from across England, who come together to effect improvements in health services at a local, regional, and national level.

Dr Karen Rispin, Associate Professor of Biology at LeTourneau University (US). Karen has expertise in wheelchair provision in low-income countries, and measuring the effectiveness of paediatric wheelchairs.

Lauren Rosen, Physiotherapist at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital of Tampa and University of South Florida (US). Lauren has clinical expertise in early powered mobility, and works within the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America, developing national guidance on powered mobility for children. 

Sarah Vines, Head of Mobility Services at Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (UK). Sarah has operational and strategic expertise in developing and implementing early powered mobility.

Sarah Wallace, Senior Mobility Therapist and Occupational Therapist at Whizz-Kidz (UK). Sarah has clinical expertise in implementing powered mobility with young children aged under 5 years.